Welcome to Cornerstone Place
Welcome to Cornerstone Place
Providing housing, value and income to homelessness support charities
We are Different
We are Different
Working with our charity partners we develop bespoke property solutions and share the benefits of ownership
A social enterprise for sustainable change
A social enterprise for sustainable change
Benefiting society is our primary objective as mandated by Big Society Capital governance guidelines for social sector organisations

Why work with us?

Working with Cornerstone Place your homelessness support charity will benefit in several critical areas:

A place to call home

Our charity partners receive bespoke newly constructed or fully renovated, warm safe housing designed as self-contained studios for your clients. Depending on the number of studios we may also be able to provide accommodation for key workers, office space and shop fronts if appropriate.

Long-term income stream

We will share any rental surplus with our charity partners for the duration of the agreement. This helps you to deliver more and improved services for your clients.

Stronger balance sheet

We provide structures which have the potential to enhance your charity's balance sheet without tying up reserves. Each charity is different so talk to us to find out more.

Our Difference

Many homelessness charities provide housing by either renting from the private sector or by buying their own properties.  Our proposition is a third solution, not offered elsewhere.

It does not replace existing provision, it is designed to add to it.  Nor is it and either / or proposition; working with Cornerstone Place to help end homelessness in your area will add to the work you have already achieved and have planned.

We will source the properties, arrange all the funding, manage the build and professional teams, arrange long-term finance and deliver the projects to you.  Once the property is ready, you take control of the building through a lease and our aim is that you end up owning the property without needing to dip into or tie up your valuable reserves helping you to serve the people in your community over the long term.

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